Dolores Brenneman

I came across Cindy when my husband asked a working acquaintance for a reference when I was ready to sell my parent’s home which was a very hard experience for me. Cindy was so understanding, professional and super nice. We had a long discussion about family and what I was to expect with selling the house. I have never sold a home because I’m still in the first home I bought 31 years ago.

Through the whole process, Cindy was available whenever I needed to ask a question. Which was often. Throughout the process, she made me feel comfortable to where I consider her a dear friend. My parents home had offers on the first day of open house. It sold in a 10 day escrow which I’m glad for. Even though it was heartbreaking to sell the house, Cindy helped me through my emotional ups and downs.

She is an excellent realtor and has a wonderful personality to where you feel trusting, comfortable and happy that she’s on your side to do a great job in selling your home

I’d highly recommend her to any of my family should they ever decide to sell they’re home. But most of them are like me and have been in their home over 30 years.

She’s a big number 1 in my book!!

Dolores Brenneman